We use creativity
Our philosophy
VidMob Gives is the world’s first creative services marketplace for non-profits.

It’s hard for non-profits to tell their stories. Marketing resources are limited and creative risk is discouraged. Donors expect every dollar to fund programs, not advertising campaigns. The proven tools that brands use to win customers and grow revenue remain out of reach for non-profits. We want to change this.

VidMob has built the pipes to connect incredibly talented video creators and incredibly powerful analytics to 501c(3) organizations. Our global network of creators want to give back and what better way to do so than with their craft? They can help the most important stories get told well.

As a force for good
Our process
What if ads could make the world a better place?

Our creators are mobile video experts and they work with leading brands to power social campaigns. They are also amazing human beings who want to give back, and what better to do that than with masterful storytelling? VidMob Gives is the bridge.

To help non-profits
Our work
People who are rich in talent and passionate about causes often don’t know how to help.

We have worked with a number of non-profit organizations across health, social justice, education, and environmental causes. Check out some of our latest projects.

Better the world.
Our offering
The only thing better than a good story is a story that does good.

VidMob Gives is in Beta while we put the finishing touches on how it will work. Currently, participation is invite-only.

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